Yarn Band Info

Let’s talk about Yarn Band Info today! What does it all mean??
In the video, I’ll teach you how to size your hook without a sizer. How to size your yarn if you’ve lost the yarn band. And de-mystify those yarn bands!

Imagine you are stood in a Yarn Store, surrounded by Yarn… on every shelf, floor to ceiling… where do you start??
Well, hopefully you have gone in with some sort of idea of what you need to come out with. If you’re anything like me, those 3 balls of yarn were what you had in mind – but the other 12 balls that somehow sneaked into your basket and through the checkout? Maybe not so much, but you’ll find a pattern at some point, right? ?

Yardage Info on Yarn Bands

The first information you need is how far will this yarn go?
Well if your pattern calls for 780 yds, you’ll need 4 of these!

Dye Lot Info on Yarn Bands

Here is where you would find the name or number of your main colour, plus the dye lot.
Try and ensure you have the same dye lot in all your balls to avoid slight colour changes in your work.

Hook Size & Gauge Info on Yarn Bands

Not all Yarn bands have Crochet Info – 10/10 if they do!
Here’s where you will the recommended hook size for the weight of the yarn plus the average gauge size you can expect.

Hook Conversion Chart

Hook Sizes Conversion Chart.
WPI Chart

WPI Chart

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