Basic Equipment

Before we get started on HOW to Crochet, let’s look at the Basic Equipment we need for the job. ?
Well, this is where I get to write out a shopping list for you!

Grab the bank card & off we go!!

Basic Equipment and some not-so-basic!

So if you are just starting out, don’t spend too much – go cheap!
Crochet can be frustrating to start with, it makes sense to buy a few cheap supplies while you get into your groove.

At the very least, gather up 1 or 2 balls of a mid-weight yarn. Worsted weight / Aran yarn (#4) is the best option in the early days.
Opt for a yarn that has a good stitch definition, this will help you to see your stitch as you work. A simple plain acrylic yarn is a good choice to start.
Fancy, fuzzy, furry yarns are beautiful – but until you know exactly what you’re doing, they are a bad idea for newbies. Even for an experienced hooker, they can be a challenge!
Pick a light coloured yarn. Dark or multi-coloured yarns are nice to look at but working with the dark colours can be hard to see exactly where to place your hook.

Don’t forget your Hooks!

Then you need to grab at least 2 crochet hooks. 5mm & 6mm are the best sizes for a Medium weight yarn. Start off with the larger hook so that you can see your stitches better.
Be prepared to frog – often! (Frogging is the sound of the stitches being ripped out when you start over)
Rippit, Rippit!! ????

Then you will need a pair of sharp scissors, a yarn needle, a ruler or tape measure and a small pad and pen.

You’ll probably gather further supplies as you progress, so you don’t have to run out and spend a fortune all at once.
Remember also that what I would consider important to my kit may not be right for you – we’re all different! So feel your own way and work out what is right and wrong for you without breaking the bank.

Contents of a Hookers Handbag!

Contents of a Hookers Handbag

During your first few weeks, choose quick and simple items to make.
Small pouches, coasters, face scrubbies, headbands, dishcloths are fantastic bits & bobs to start you off. It’s immensely satisfying when you can complete a project in just one evening!

Join us to freeform a simple mobile phone holder!

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