Frightful Filet Table Runner *PATTERN*


Aahhhh Filet Crochet!
Using just chain sts and dc’s, this is a simple way of adding a quick design into your Halloween Celebrations!



Aahhhh Filet Crochet!
A lot of crocheters will tell you that they have never tried this technique. Maybe you are one of those? Well, if you have ever made a ‘Call the Midwife’, ‘Wandering Paws’ or ‘Dragonfly’ pattern, then yes, you have!
If you still haven’t attempted this, we have a Stitch Tutorial to help as well, so you are well supported.

Using just chain stitches and double crochets, this is a simple way of adding a quick design into your Halloween!
Both the Graph Charts and the Symbol Charts are included here for your convenience.
Each square takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete, so settle in with a box set, pop your feet up & get ready for a Frightful Night!

• Each square is 11″
• Make one for a Placemat, or several together for this Table Runner!
• Each Square requires 50g of DK/#3 yarn.

Full support is given via our Crochet Community Group. Feel free to contact me with any questions!


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