Hey Everyone! 😊

Let’s talk Tension today! We’ll also delve in to the world of the Crochet Business and find out if YOU could make a living out of our quirky little passion.

Summer life seems to have gotten in the way of the blog this last couple of months! But I’m back & on the ball now. 😊
When I say Summer life, what I mean is that I’ve been busy learning my craft amongst other things!
I don’t mean actual Crochet, I know how to do that. (maybe!) But all the things that run in the background…. swapping this website to a new Host for a start ~ what a fun few days I had there! I do hope you all like the ‘New Look’, let me know if you do ~ let me know if you don’t!

So Let’s Talk Tension!

In the 2 samples below, I used a #5 Chunky Yarn, I used a 7mm Hook.
There’s 10 sts, 7 rows of sc BLO in both samples.

Tension Swatches

Spot The

The only difference between the 2 samples is that the larger one on the left is how I work usually. Barely any tension on the yarn, I don’t wrap the yarn around fingers, it slides between my pinky & ring finger, over my index finger & onto the hook.
The smaller sample was with me wrapping the yarn and working with a really tight tension.

It was awful, I felt quite angry as I was working with tension & yanking the yarn through the loops with the hook! Afterwards, I actually had a tense headache too. My shoulders felt taut, my wrists ached and I had that deep groove across my index finger from the yarn – that’s the first time I’ve ever had that!!

But it’s a good experiment for you all if you are having trouble meeting gauge with a pattern. The tightly worked piece feels rough, solid, stiff.
I can almost balance it on its edge too, it’s that solid & unforgiving! The looser sample is soft and squishy. I know that a blanket made with it will wrap up even the most delicate of skins in a cloud of creamy supple comfort. 💜

So, the next time you see a groove in your index finger, or the work feels rough & tight, loosen up!

Crochet is meant to be relaxing – So Relax!!


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CBA Link Photo

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Sneaky Peeks!

Here’s what the Hookery Testers have on their hooks right NOW!!
Watch out for the patterns being launched SOON!

A picture of the Cozy Cool Beans Button Cowl
Button Cowl
A picture of a Detachable Hand-Muff with phone pocket.
Detachable Hand-Muff with phone pocket.
A picture of Loop Scarves
Loop Scarves
A picture of Hand-Muff Pocket
Hand-Muff Pocket
A picture of Loop Scarf with Hand-Muff
Loop Scarf with Hand-Muff
A picture of a Pom-Pom Edging
Pom-Pom Edging

And that’s it from me right now!
Thanks for reading – Join me next time!

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