First Post, (Be Gentle) Introduction Thingy….

Well, Hey there! Welcome to the Hookery Corner Blog!!
So who am I and what on earth am I even doing here?
I often ask myself the same question to be honest, so if you would like to spend a few minutes getting to know me, read on….

About Me

My poor husband is Andy. He works with industrial robots & pretty much humours me while I bobble through life. Life is all about making memories and trying to enjoy it as much as possible 🙂

I’ve been working online since 1996 when I was a UKGuide for AOL in the UK chat rooms. If you need to know how to keep your computer clean and clear, or how to increase your flash cache, I’m your girl!

Until last September I worked as a Chat Host for an online Bingo site. Heaps of fun and I made a lot of lifelong friends there. Anyhow, the site was sold and so I have now turned full time to my one true love – Crochet 🙂

And now is the time to give a huge shout out to Mimi & Sam. For simply being there when I need them and for never minding when I have a quiet phase. I love you both, you luscious ladies!

V Stitch Blanket DaisyElle Hookery Crochet Images
Simple V Stitch Blanket

Blog Aim:

Now, the aim of this Blog is to help you with reading crochet patterns and symbol charts. Along the way, we’ll learn some new stitches, new techniques and bring you hints and tips that every hooker needs in the repertoire! I admit that I haven’t published many patterns yet as I am still a fledgling designer, but feel free to have a peek through my Portfolio.

You can also join our small group on Facebook:
Hookery Corner Crochet Community
Hookery Corner Members will get some of my patterns FREE! and the rest will be reduced. You will never pay more than 50% for any of my patterns if you join the group.
As I progress with this blog, I will be setting up a mailing list too, so if you don’t have a Facebook account, then don’t despair, I’ll be sending out codes for my patterns via email too!

So let’s get this thing started. You can connect in several ways:
Give the Facebook Hookery page a Like,
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and Welcome to the family!

Daisy Elle xx


  1. Good to “meet” you Daisy x

    1. Author

      Thanks Rhonda 🙂
      And thank you for being part of it with me too! xx

  2. Nice Blog, looking forward to seeing loads of info. Do you do tunisian stitch 🙂 ive started a couple patterns but have issues with the turning and changing colors.

    1. Author

      Hey Karen 🙂
      I have done Tunisian – I haven’t got any on the hooks at the moment, but I will find you some tips & tricks for the FB group xx

  3. Lovely picture of you! My husband is named Andy as well. Thanks for all your help so far. I love being one of your hookers.

    1. Author

      I’m so glad you’re on board with us too!
      Hey, my first hubby was called Andy as well – and my son in law is another one….. at one point, my 2 eldest girls both had Andy boyfriends – which made a trip to the pub with all of us together a bit interesting! 😀
      Them Andy’s must have something no other guys have!

  4. Hi Daisy…I sooo love your blog and look forward to learning new things!!! The things I’ve learned so far are amazing!!! I would love to work on making my own graphs from pics…I think you mentioned Stitch Fiddle….but went there and was completely lost…plz help lol!!! Thanks for all you do my siStar!!!

    Elizabeth "Libby" Johnson
    1. Author

      Hey Sista! Thanks for your lovely words xx
      I’ll get with you later this week & do a show & tell on Stitch Fiddle right?
      We’ll get you started 🙂

      1. Ok and thanks!!!

  5. Hey Daisy Love your blog and looking forward to fallowing and seeing new things.

    1. Author

      Thanks lucille! I’m glad to have you along with us! xx

  6. Looking forward to all the hints tips and techniques. Your crochet is always so beautifully done (That Lion!!)

    1. Author

      Thank you Gayle – I admire your stuff too! Let’s hope I can live up to my own hype! 😀

  7. Sounds like this is going to be a great crochet resource. Congrats!

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