Hey everyone 🙂
I’ve been busy working on a new Collection of Patterns here at the Hookery. 
The first Collection will be due for release later in the year. I think each piece will be a hit for Christmas gifts, winter wear,  for yourself,  for the family, single pieces, full collections, you name it! 

Collection Samples

The Collection will give you a range of sizes and different options for the ribbed sections.
Full tutorials will be available for all of the patterns, so don’t despair, no matter your own expertise, you’ll have full support! 

Hookery Classes Are Coming!!

So just to make sure that you will be ready for the launch, we’re pleased to announce that Hookery Crochet Classes will be starting next weekend!! (27/4/19)
I’d hate to launch a Collection of patterns and have you feel that you’re not able to tackle them because I chose a stitch that was beyond your comfort zone. Therefore, I’m going to stretch those comfort zones! But where should I start??
Oh my… the headaches I’ve had trying to figure out a start point 😀 


Imagine you’re a teacher.
You go to work, into the classroom , you pop your lunch in the drawer, pick up the chalk for the blackboard (see how old-school I am!) and you are going to plan the first lesson of the day…. Except your pupils range from age 5 to 18… 
Oh my goodness where do you even start?

On one table sits a pupil battling with polynomial equations, on the next table you have a pupil that has yet to master the alphabet. Hmmm.

Well that’s a little bit like where I’m at now. I have oodles of ideas, tips and tricks I want to share with you and have pondered where to start.
Hookery Crochet Classes seems to be the best solution!

I know some of you can read patterns, indeed some of you produce excellent pieces and then there’s some of you would like to start but haven’t yet bought hooks and yarn.
So we are going to start at the beginning. Right at the very first base. 
I’m going to imagine that I have a fluffy set of fledglings in front of me that know nothing about hooks, yarn, or the magic you can create with them while you chant and mutter under your breath… two, three, four, increase, one, two, etc etc !! 

Lesson Plans – Get Involved!

Every weekend we’ll have a new Crochet lesson and we’ll build on your skills  –  let’s learn about this witchery!! 
I’d like to ask the more experienced of you to carry on with your projects but glance up every now & then. I might have a tip for you that you’ve not yet seen  –  indeed, you might have tips that I haven’t yet seen too!!
Each lesson will have its own accompanying Youtube video, so if you’d like to see me work a particular stitch, if there’s something YOU would like explaining, get in touch to let me know and I’ll be pleased to include it in the next blog post / video. 
Feel free to join in, the more the merrier!

Next Week Hooks & Yarn

Next Weekend:

So to start us off next week, we’ll be looking at:
Yarn Labels. Yarn Weights. Hook Sizes.
Basic Equipment.
How to make a slipknot.
Learn how to chain.
Learn how to single crochet.
How to keep your stitch count consistent.
Make a simple mobile phone holder project.

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See you next weekend!!
Daisy xx ? ? ?


  1. Will be falling behind, had surgery today. Will catch up asap

    1. Author

      Ohhh Debbie! Get well soon – be kind to yourself & heal well xxx

  2. Looking forward to learning crochet I’ve been a knitter for years thought it was time to learn something new

    1. Author

      You’re more than welcome Maureen! I’m working on a collection of Patterns that is going to include a mash-up of knitting and crochet too!
      Bi-stitchuals Rock!! xx

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