Everything is Cozy!

Oh my word, where do I even start?
Cozy Cool Beans Patterns ~ 30 Days of Cozy Promotion ~ First Newsletter with a FREE Pattern!

After a full year of plugging away slowly growing the business, a few things are now dropping into place and today I get to tell you all-the-things!

Let me start with a list of bullet points so you can jump to the place that interests you, instead of boring you with all the blah-blah’s that don’t….😴

If you came here looking for this Month’s F-R-E-E pattern, you’ll find it HERE – don’t forget the Code!

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Cozy Cool Beans Patterns

We have 6, yes, SIX Cozy Cool Beans Patterns published this week!
Choose from: Fingerless Gloves, a Button Cowl, a Loop Scarf, a Loop Scarf with a secret hand-muff end, a Full Scarf with a detachable hand-muff or Boot Cuffs!
(You can get the Boot Cuffs for FREE, read on….)
The Cozy Cool Beans Patterns will be joined by 3 Hat Patterns and a Bum Cozy Pattern very soon!

You can find the Patterns here on Ravelry.

Purchasing them here on the Website or over on Etsy, Members of the Hookery Facebook Group get 25% off with the Members Code!

30 Days Of Cozy Promotion

I’m so excited to FINALLY spill the beans!
The ‘Made with a Twist’ 30 Days of Cozy ~ Guest Designer Program and Bundle Sale is here!
Wow, that was a mouthful! From now on, let’s just call it 30 Days of Cozy

What is 30 Days of Cozy, you ask?

Well, basically, it’s 30 brand new, free and premium, crochet patterns designed just for you by some of your favorite bloggers and designers and released over the course of the next 30 days! That’s right…one FREE pattern launched every day for the next 30 days. Or grab the whole bundle of PDF’s for $12!!
This event is filled with coziness, critters, and crochet yumminess that you’re going to love.

And YOU can get the Cozy Cool Beans Pattern F-R-E-E on Monday 15th September! I’m super-proud to announce that I am the second designer to be featured! Wooooooo!!

The 30 Days of Cozy Crochet Pattern Bundle is only $12, for a limited time, for a total value of over $120 worth of crochet patterns. That’s a massive 90% discount! 30 Patterns for $12 – it’s a steal!
Now is the absolute lowest price that the bundle will ever be, and the price will increase before the whole thing disappears forever, so make sure to grab your copy now.

First Newsletter with a
FREE Pattern!

Monday sees the launch of the Hookery newsletter!

Don’t be scared! It’s a one-page ‘magazine cover’ type newsletter, NOT filled with waffle and blah-blah’s!
It’s just a round-up of current and on-the-way events and happenings that’s current in The Hookery and the Crochet World.
Subscribers to the Newsletter get a Code each month for a F-R-E-E Pattern from the Website shop too, so it’s worth a click to sign up!
The pattern will only be free to Newsletter subscribers for the month, so make sure you’re on the list! 📧📬

Ravelry – New Group!

So I started a new group on Ravelry!
Find It Here – Ravelry Accounts are Free!
It’s for anyone and everyone to join – I will be using it to keep a thread for the Hookery Pattern Testers, so watch out for calls to join if you’d like a shot at being a Hookery Tester!

Also, I am open for NEW Designers for Pattern Tech Edits ~ A FREE Edit in exchange for the first FIVE to join!
The Hookery will be moving more into the Tech Editing and Online Teaching in 2020, so watch this space!

Ravelry Logo

KISS Videos – Keep It Short & Sweet!

There will be MORE KISS Videos on our Youtube Channel coming this week!
Still working on the beginner’s tips & tricks, but also a few more advanced techniques too – Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for those!

If there’s anything you’d like to see added to the playlist, just let me know!

Happily Hooked Magazine

Daisy Elle is contributing to the Happily Hooked magazine in the November Pattern Pack Pro! We’re super-proud that they are featuring the Cozy Cool Beans Fingerless Gloves!

Happily Hooked Magazine is a monthly online crochet magazine full of a variety of trendy, fashionable, and fun designs you will want to actually crochet (instead of just admire!)

Happily Hooked Magazine (Link: HHM) features a variety of fun and creative patterns, talented designers, personal stories of the benefits of crocheting, tips and tricks, exclusive interviews and much, much more!

Pattern Pack Pro (Link: PPP) is the companion monthly education and technique based digital pattern collection.

Happily Hooked Sept Mag Image

If you have made it to the end of this Blog Post…. Blimey, go & get a good strong coffee!!
Take Care & I’ll catch you next month!!
•♥♥• Daisy •♥♥•