Edie’s Market Bag CAL Final Part 3!

Edie’s Market Bag

The Final Part of Edie’s
Market Bag Crochet A-Long!

This week we will finish this bad boy and you will have your own version of
Edie’s Market Bag!

If you are coming late to the party, you are still more than welcome!
Here is where you will find Part 1 and Part 2 of the CAL and to find all the support you need, here is the link to the Hookery Corner Crochet Community group on Facebook!
Come & Join Us!

Part 3 has also been uploaded to the Files Section of the group via PDF, so you can find it easily whenever you need.

Before we begin to make the straps for the bag, let’s deal with those gappy seams that the LDC stitch leaves us with. I’ll use a contrasting colour so that you can see how it’s done.

I’ll also pop a video onto Youtube and link it here as well.

Step 1: Using the long tail you left from the Magic Ring / Adjustable Ring, thread your yarn needle and bring the needle to the right side of your work between the first and last stitches of your first round.

Step 2: Look for the horizontal line of the final stitch in the round. Going from underneath the strand, slide your needle up and under it.

Step 3: Come across to the starting stitch to the left and find the strand from the starting chain. This strand will be lying a lot lower so locate it, and again pop in your needle from underneath the strand and pull your thread up.

Step 4: Insert your needle into the top of step 1 and out again into the gap on the round above.

Work your way up the seam doing the same all the way.
Here are the strands I need
to match with colour dots.
You can see how the strand on the last stitch is high, the strand on the first stitch is low

You’ll see when you close your seam how neat it is when you
use the same colour.
But you should have a neat tidy seam!
Weave in the ends of your yarn.
Using a strand of yarn, close the seams on the bands and weave in the ends.

Bag Straps – Make 2.

abbreviations table

This week we are using only:
SLDC ~ LDC ~ slst ~ ch

Row 1: Leaving a long tail of 12” or so,  chain  8.
Insert your hook into the 2nd chain from the hook, draw a loop through and make your first LDC into the next chain stitch.
Ldc 5 across the rest of the chains. Turn. (6 sts)
That gives you your first SLDC and 5 LDC’s.

Rows 2 – 90: SLDC, LDC x 5, Turn. (6 sts)
Note: I used yarn markers every 10th row to keep track!

Do NOT finish off the yarn after Row 90, we will now attach that end to the bag base.

Bag Straps

A Symbol Chart for the straps
would look like:

First, turn the bag with the base facing you and locate where your straps are going.

Attach the bag straps as though you are joining them the wrong way.
So pop the ‘right sides’ together.
This will keep the slip stitch seam to the inside of the join.
Using your 6mm hook, chain 1 and then
sc across the 6 stitches
of the strap AND the 6 stitches of your bag base between your stitch markers.
Repeat for the second end of the strap.
Do exactly the same for the second strap.

Lay out the bag, making sure it is straight. Arrange the straps so they run parallel to each other. Slightly stretch them but make sure you have the same number of rows between each band on both straps.

Pin them to the bands.
Note: I also counted the stitches between the straps to ensure they aligned to the bag base.

Sew the straps to the bands on both the top edge and the bottom edge as in the photo below.

And there you have it! Edie’s Market Bag is complete!
My second one is NOT complete – I ran out of yarn, so mine will now be a 3 colour bag 😀 I’ll post pics into the group when it’s finished though.

I hope you have followed this CAL ok!

I’ll keep you updated via the Hooker Corner Crochet Community group with Youtube tutorial links for the Seam Closing and anything else that might need a short visual aid   🙂

Have Fun & Remember to post your pics!!  
Love Daisy x

I hope you liked making this bag – if you didn’t, tell me!
If you did, tell everyone!! 😀