Time for Part 2 of the Edie’s Market Bag Crochet A-Long! So last week we did the flat round base full of LDC’s and SLDC’s that foxed a few of you ? I’m sorry… sort of! If you still haven’t got to grips with those 2 stitches, you can find my very first ever Youtube Tutorial video HERE and HERE. Make sure to click on the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button for me. Youtube will let us have our own Daisy Elle named channel once we have 100 subscribers, so every click helps us, thank you x  Part 2 will also be uploaded to the Files Section ofRead More →

Well, Hey there! Welcome to the Hookery Corner Blog!! So who am I and what on earth am I even doing here?I often ask myself the same question to be honest, so if you would like to spend a few minutes getting to know me, read on…. About Me My poor husband is Andy. He works with industrial robots & pretty much humours me while I bobble through life. Life is all about making memories and trying to enjoy it as much as possible 🙂 I’ve been working online since 1996 when I was a UKGuide for AOL in the UK chat rooms. If youRead More →