Everything is Cozy! Oh my word, where do I even start? Cozy Cool Beans Patterns ~ 30 Days of Cozy Promotion ~ First Newsletter with a FREE Pattern! After a full year of plugging away slowly growing the business, a few things are now dropping into place and today I get to tell you all-the-things! Let me start with a list of bullet points so you can jump to the place that interests you, instead of boring you with all the blah-blah’s that don’t….😴 If you came here looking for this Month’s F-R-E-E pattern, you’ll find it HERE – don’t forget the Code! Cozy CoolRead More →

Hey Everyone! 😊 Let’s talk Tension today! We’ll also delve in to the world of the Crochet Business and find out if YOU could make a living out of our quirky little passion. Summer life seems to have gotten in the way of the blog this last couple of months! But I’m back & on the ball now. 😊When I say Summer life, what I mean is that I’ve been busy learning my craft amongst other things! I don’t mean actual Crochet, I know how to do that. (maybe!) But all the things that run in the background…. swapping this website to a new HostRead More →

Hey everyone 🙂 I’ve been busy working on a new Collection of Patterns here at the Hookery.  The first Collection will be due for release later in the year. I think each piece will be a hit for Christmas gifts, winter wear,  for yourself,  for the family, single pieces, full collections, you name it!  The Collection will give you a range of sizes and different options for the ribbed sections. Full tutorials will be available for all of the patterns, so don’t despair, no matter your own expertise, you’ll have full support!  Hookery Classes Are Coming!! So just to make sure that you will beRead More →

The Final Part of Edie’s Market Bag Crochet A-Long! This week we will finish this bad boy and you will have your own version of Edie’s Market Bag! If you are coming late to the party, you are still more than welcome! Here is where you will find Part 1 and Part 2 of the CAL and to find all the support you need, here is the link to the Hookery Corner Crochet Community group on Facebook!Come & Join Us! Part 3 has also been uploaded to the Files Section of the group via PDF, so you can find it easily whenever you need. BeforeRead More →